La Breccia di Anghiari ENG

Our story

My name is Marisa, I was born here, raising in a family that in the beginning of the last century built his house according with the own resources, and the needs of the daily job.

“La Breccia” means gravel, crushed stone, which characterises the soil composition of the area. Over the years, the house has been expanded and modified, according with the family growth and the agricultural activities, changing with the technological progress, with new equipments and new crops, such as tobacco and wheat.

The house is surrounded by the fields cultivated by my grandparents and my parents during many years.
With support of Armando, my husband, and encouraged by my son and my daughter, I aimed to bring a new life to this house, avoiding to change its look, but rather rethinking and reevaluating the spaces, the structure, and the original details showing its history.
The characteristic stone elements, such as the fireplace in the kitchen, the stairs to the second floor, and the windowsills, have been kept and valorised.

The stall including the old manger, and the wide brick arch, are now a common area used as a second kitchen, next to a large veranda which in origin was just a shed for agricultural tools. The veranda looks the large garden, and it is adjacent the ancient wood oven where for years my grandmother and my mom used to bake bread and cakes during Easter holidays.

The wide farmyard, once inhabited by domestic animals, today is a green lawn surrounded by rose bushes, where our guests will enjoy of a shady pergola during picnic and relax.